Brad Kilshaw

In the Company of Giants

This was a fun book to read! One thing I found interesting was that many of the interviewees that I was looking forward to reading about were not nearly as interesting as the names I hadn't heard of before. If you give it a read, make sure you don't skip anyone.

Since the book was written nearly 30 years ago, we’ve had plenty of time to see how some of their predictions have panned out. It’s very cool how close some of them were. A very insightful group overall, they seemed to have a sense of clarity in their vision. They had a pretty good idea of where things were going.

Lots of them talk about luck, and how lucky they were. Luck is funny though, it’s useless without being prepared. Bill Gates was only able to build Microsoft because he was a smart businessman and a great programmer. Without those skills, his luck would have been a missed opportunity.

Steve Jobs is someone that has never come across as lucky to me. He was able to create multiple iconic products, the Apple II, the Macintosh, iPod, iPhone… Hardly seems lucky when you can repeat it so many times.

Anyways, great book, it was enjoyable to read. I’ve never been much of a reader at all. I’m relatively slow and find my mind drifting off into thought. This was the first book I’ve read in years. I really enjoyed it though and am planning on reading more.